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My Favorite Fail-Proof Color Palettes


There are so many colorful moments in life that inspire. But in this day and age of digital overload, it can be overwhelming to narrow down color choices when it comes to graphic design, social media, home decor, or even outfits!  In today's post I'm breaking down what my favorite fail-proof color combinations are. Some are the result of things in my home, of days spent enjoying nature, or environments I've found clever and creatively stimulating.  I hope you find them useful for your own everyday choices.



These pillows inspired the creation of the Alley Squash logo!  My favorite all time combo is pink and orange.


Timber Pizza Company is our neighborhood family spot. In addition to the amazing pizza, this little cactus arrangement against a teal wall brings me joy each time we go.


In the spring of this year we visited friends in Panama City.  I've never been as inspired by a hotel as I was by the American Trade Hotel in Casco Viejo.  I love everything about the colors in this image.


Is there anything better than the vibrancy of fresh strawberries?  Maybe those little turquoise containers they come in at the farmer's market.  I love the red, turquoise duo; a twist is adding eggplant purple.


While I favor brights, the vintage-lover in me can't resist an old fashioned chandelier or the backdrop of this dusty blue door and muted old Radio Flyer.  I snapped this at the local salvage store Community Forklift.  It's the one beige combo that doesn't turn me away.

Melanie Becker