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How I choose between popular website builder tools


It’s the 21st century. Anyone with a computer and basic skill set can conveniently build their own website and manage it with today’s popular website builder tools. Creating a website within a reasonable amount of time, with functionality and finesse is the hard part.

There are a lot of website builder tools out there but for the purposes of this post, I’m breaking down the pros and cons of the two that I use, WIX and Squarespace. Each time I’ve been approached about helping someone build a website, I quickly run down a mental check list. Does this website require a certain aesthetic?  Will a seamless integration of apps be needed?  How important is cost?

I hope this simple post helps the website DIY-ers out there make sense of the options. For the rest of the population - who would rather pay someone to build their site - this will give you a brief frame of reference for when you authorize important decisions regarding your digital presence.


Factor 1: Are you design-focused?

If the first thing you consider when building your website is “how will it look?” then choosing a website builder tool that prioritizes form, composition, and font choice is important. The website builder for you is Squarespace. There’s no arguing that Squarespace offers layouts that first and foremost prioritize beautiful imagery. If you are an architect, artist, lifestyle brand or any design-focused platform, Squarespace’s dreamy selection of sans serif fonts alone will keep you happy.


Factor 2: Do you need engagement tools?

When someone visits your website do you want them to immediately subscribe?  Share or book an event? Shop at you online store?  Listen to music?  If you are looking for a variety of web apps, WIX offers hundreds of plugins to keep your audience engaged and interactive.  The sheer number of choice when it comes to template type or app options makes WIX the obvious choice if you prioritize function over form.


Factor 3: How much will this cost?  

The cost difference between WIX and Squarespace is negligible.  However, there are times when a $5/month personal page vs. a $20/month business page makes a dent in someone’s budget. WIX has the edge on value. See the chart below for a more detailed breakdown.


website-builder-tools-cost chart.png


An incredibly abbreviated summary: if it’s an impeccably designed site you’re after, choose Squarespace. If it’s variety and value, choose WIX.  Regardless, you’ll end up with a website that keeps you looking professional in the ever-growing digital realm!

Melanie Becker