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A Couple's Love of Plants Spawns a New Company


I'm excited to share my latest client project: the branding, logo design, and website for L O V E R S plant studio, a new company in Washington, DC.  Starting with one couple's love of plants and design, the studio brings plant sales, modular living walls, and plant rentals to a city hungry for all things green.

Having focused mostly on finding clients and refining their services when we began our work together, the owners were open to suggestions on how to represent themselves in print and digital media. 

The first step in creating an identifiable brand came with an understanding of their interests and inspirations.  A recent trip to Palm Springs, FL, was a big influence.

 Logo inspiration: retail signage in Palm Springs, FL

Logo inspiration: retail signage in Palm Springs, FL


After identifying and refining the logo's typeface, I asked the most obvious of questions to these plant lovers, "what is your favorite plant?"  A palm leaf was chosen as a visual tool to link the viewer to the studio's offerings; it then served as the inspiration for the favicon, a website icon and branding tool for social media sites. A midcentury modern green expresses a modern sensibility and bohemian spirit (much like the owner's themselves).

 Web favicons in color and black and white

Web favicons in color and black and white

The final step in branding L O V E R S plant studio was a website that could start small, featuring a few images, list of services and locations for finding L O V E R S plants, with the ability to eventually expand to include sales in an online shop. The result is a site with the structure to accommodate growth and an aesthetic that embraces simplicity.


Follow L O V E R S plant studio on instagram @loversplantstudio to hear more about their regular pop-up sales and growing list of services!