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Feeling Zen


The holidays in my family are often chaotic, over-scheduled, and stressful. Inevitably someone gets sick (it was delayed until after the new year but this week it was 2 out of 4 of us!). Yet despite how busy it can be, it's always restorative to take that long break to focus on family and not work. 

I changed my screensaver this week to a photo I snapped after my daughter and I created a "zen garden" out of rocks found on the beach in Martha's Vineyard two summers ago. It's one of my happiest memories. It helps me breathe deep and remember what's really important. The picture below was taken just after. Is there anyone happier on a grey beach day?

I've found there are many benefits but even more challenges to owning my own business. One of these is staying motivated, keeping cool, calm and collected whether slammed with work or in between projects. Something about the zen garden makes me feel like I"m keeping my priorities in check, staying calm and happy. I'm providing a link to the image below for anyone else looking for a zen moment.



Click here to download the Zen Garden screensaver.

Melanie Becker