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IKEA hack: A colorful kitchen rug


While Alley Squash may not be creative "interior" design from seed to sprout, I can't help but share the occasional spark of genius when it comes to creative home design projects; my other passion project!  

The January urge to clean hit me hard this week. Tired of staring at the stained rug in my kitchen but on a strict budget, I stopped in at IKEA to look for a solution. There I found the TÅNUM, a colorful rag rug priced at just $14.99.  I picked up two, one with pink undertones and one with blue. 

First I laid the rugs out, slightly off center from one another so that the two different rugs look obviously combined, pointing out their differences rather than trying to conceal them. Then I found the strongest embroidery thread in my sewing box. Using a double-threaded needle I whipstitched the two rugs together just inside the end seam so that my needle went in and out easily.


I had to re-thread the needle 4 or 5 times, tying a knot in the back each time I switched thread.

I'm super happy with the result. A colorful rug, roughly 5' x 6' that cost just $30 and about 20 minutes of my time.  Cheers to an easy life hack!

Melanie Becker