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Getting a Website Refresh


In the age of information, sometimes websites can get bogged down with excess. Too many photos, too many links, or too much data.  While this may be true, a website can also suffer from a lack of visuals, an unclear navigation or sufficient direction to get you where you need to go. In January 2018, I helped Marcelle find the happy medium between information overload and showing off a product line that is interesting and available for sale. Marcelle Fozard is an artist and maker of vintage pennant pillows and chicken icon art in Washington, DC. Her website was in need of simple restructuring, better organization and new photography. The original home page (left) had a depth of information but lacked clear navigation, with too many menus, dropdown tabs and categories. It was also missing a visual identity to give first time visitors reason to stay.

The goal was to put emphasis on a pared down navigation with fewer options and offer a clear link for visitors to access the owner’s two forms of art for sale, vintage pennant pillows and chicken icons.


A new multifaceted page was created to display the client’s vast collection of pennants. Separate galleries organized by state, university or sports team allow potential customers to search for the perfect pennant and customizable pillow. Prior to the website refresh, customers had no way of accessing this database of options unless coming to the studio or calling on the phone.

Getting a website makeover doesn't need to cost you and arm and a leg or take months to complete. This project was finished in a matter of weeks and was a fraction of the cost by manipulating the client's existing Squarespace template. An website edit cheat-sheet was provided at the completion of the project to provide Marcelle with the tools necessary to maintain a functional site that can be easily updated.

Photography for the new home page and pennant gallery pages were completed by Alley Squash.

Melanie Becker